From light to dark

So, due to the lightest time of the year in Finland, I decided to look back to the darkest time of the year: December and Christmas..

I took part in a postal stamp competition a few months back. The idea was to design a postal stamp for Christmas. Didn’t win it, but it was great I got time carved out to dig into postal stamp designing. Hope I get to design more of them some day! Here’s two of my entries, the favorite ones, and as you can see – they’re a couple… The scenery of the stamp is from Helsinki, Pohjoisranta (I used to run a lot there during winter).

I really liked the stamps that won. The illustrators did a great job!

May Day

StrutTime for one of my favorite festivals of the whole year! It’s cold and somewhat grey in Helsinki, but that’s usual. It would be a bit too much to have a warm May Day…

I’ve designed a soviet style “1st of May” poster as a school assignment in National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. I did okay but the scenery had a little too pittoresque houses with happy looking farm animals, so the teachers kindly commented the poster to show perhaps a socialist 1st of May in Finnish style. I blushed!

But no 1st of May scenery here! The spring is arriving! Yay!