From light to dark

So, due to the lightest time of the year in Finland, I decided to look back to the darkest time of the year: December and Christmas..

I took part in a postal stamp competition a few months back. The idea was to design a postal stamp for Christmas. Didn’t win it, but it was great I got time carved out to dig into postal stamp designing. Hope I get to design more of them some day! Here’s two of my entries, the favorite ones, and as you can see – they’re a couple… The scenery of the stamp is from Helsinki, Pohjoisranta (I used to run a lot there during winter).

I really liked the stamps that won. The illustrators did a great job!

Stockholm Marathon

Pirita Tolvanen Stockholm Marathon

Ran the Stockholm marathon on Saturday! Loved the event. Rained the whole time and it was really cold after finishing the race, but during running I didn’t really mind. This was my second marathon, not as easy as the first one, but more earned – and faster.

Running ❤

May Day

StrutTime for one of my favorite festivals of the whole year! It’s cold and somewhat grey in Helsinki, but that’s usual. It would be a bit too much to have a warm May Day…

I’ve designed a soviet style “1st of May” poster as a school assignment in National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. I did okay but the scenery had a little too pittoresque houses with happy looking farm animals, so the teachers kindly commented the poster to show perhaps a socialist 1st of May in Finnish style. I blushed!

But no 1st of May scenery here! The spring is arriving! Yay!